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Victorian Sheds

Just like a plain bare-bones home can be enhanced with decorations and other creative design touches, modern Victorian sheds can be functional and visually appealing. If you’re looking to buy a shed with a very special touch, Victorian sheds are lovely getaways where you can stash some of your supplies, but also can be welcomed to spend some tranquil moments with your family as well.

Play with your seeds and plants on workbench; enjoy natural sunlight and get creative with artwork or crafts; consider bringing in durable furnishings and invite friends over to enjoy a bright version of a man cave, or a she-shed. Instead of cold a basement or garage your Victorian shed will be pleasing and inspiring.

Victorian sheds come in a variety of sizes, color combinations and styles, and can nicely complement the look of your home. Owners can also choose between vinyl or wood exteriors. Sheds can include useful features like shutters, and shed owners are encouraged to decorate their interior or exterior further with potted plants or window herb boxes. With four types of models of Victorian sheds to choose from, there’s something to suit every interest and storage need.

The Victorian A-Frame Shed
victorian a-frame sheds in Virginia and Maryland

This classic style is especially handy for those who need a larger vertical space in the shed interior, such as a workshop. A larger-scale front door makes it easy for a car to enter and be stored.


The Victorian Cottage Shed
victorian cottage sheds in Maryland and Virginia

These sheds are downright classy, and would be a perfect addition to a home, especially with a similar paint scheme as the primary home. One feature that many tell us they love is a roof overhang on the front eaves over the doors and windows. A cottage also can welcome extra elements such as a porch or landscaping.

The Victorian Ponderosa Shed
victorian ponderosa sheds in Maryland and Virginia

Plenty of satisfied customers have complimented us on the quality workmanship and overall durability that can be seen in this style. It bears a certain resemblance to a classic barn, including the solid red color. Past purchasers have used their sheds for everything from sleeping and playing to storage and planning/staging for yard work or other outdoor projects. One of its highlights is larger windows, which allow more natural light inside. Or it can also bet least an opportunity for better draperies to minimize all that sun.

The Victorian Hip Roof Shed
victorian hip roof sheds in Maryland and Virginia

Not everyone wants or needs a classic look, in which case, they might appreciate this unique shed with a clever four-sided sloping roof. This style could be perfect for storage or a pool house, or even a workshop or art area.


The New York Times uses the words “modernization in miniature” to describe the growing trend of people nationwide beginning to embrace this style of shed, especially the pre-fabricated ones that are easy to move and even easier to customize. There is plenty to like about this trend, starting with encouraging people to go outside more. But it also gives people opportunity to decorate their own structures and further their creativity. In addition to letting people choose the style like the best, they can also customize their sheds in other ways, such as latches, vents, lighting, doors and more. People interested in learning more about our Amish-built sheds, or who seeking further inspiration cancontact us or call (540) 709-2111 in Fredericksburg, 410-741-0507 in Lothian, MD, 540-709-2211 in King George, VA, or 804-994-5446 in Hanover, VA today!