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Hunting blinds aren’t new to the hunting scene, but today’s blinds are much more elaborate than a simple canvas stretched over a frame to hide hunters. While concealment might be the most obvious reason to use a hunting blind, you can also use your hunting blind to teach a young hunter or to protect yourself from the elements.

Standard Features of Our Hunting Blinds

  • Siding has a 25-year warranty and is pest- and rodent-resistant.
  • When installed by our team, the rubber roof is guaranteed not to leak.
  • Windowsills and corner trim are treated to last.
  • The ladder has wide steps, 1-foot long, spaced at 1-foot intervals for safety and comfort when climbing.
  • Standing room of 6-foot, 6-inches.
  • 28-inch wide doors.
  • Windowsills sit 38-inches off the floor and are 18-inches high.

Accessories for Comfort and Performance

Making your blind comfortable enables you to spend time in it waiting for prey. You can customize our hunting blinds with: 

  • Window tint
  • Curtains
  • Vertical sliding windows in the Octagon blind or horizontal sliding windows in the Square blind
  • Step grips for the ladder, giving you added traction
  • Steps with railing
  • An inswing door
  • 3-foot deck with railing
  • Carpeting to line the sides from the windowsill down
  • Floor carpet
  • Shelf
  • Swivel chair

When to Install a Hunting Blind

It’s recommended that you try to set up your hunting blind before the season, especially if it will be out in an open area. If it’s going up against a backdrop in the words, a few days ahead of your big hunting trip may be sufficient.

If you order your blind in a kit, it takes about one hour to set up with two people. The kit is also easy to transport into the woods. We also offer installation by our team, which comes with a no-leak guarantee. It’s also guaranteed against any manufacturing defect and blow over, for one year, provided that you do not move it from its original location. You will also have to tighten the tie down ropes and stakes when needed.

How Long Will Your Hunting Blind Last?

If you take care of your hunting blind, it’s designed to last for decades. You will need to tighten the tie-down ropes and stakes when needed. The ladder steps should be checked for stability. The screws and lag bolts will need to be tightened, when they are loose. You should keep trees and trees branches away from the hunting blind.

Before installing your hunting blind, make sure you’ve checked all local hunting laws. In some areas, deer blinds are not legal. In some places, you may need to add an orange patch to the blind to make it noticeable to other hunters.

A hunting blind won’t conceal every movement you make, but it can give you an edge when you’re hunting. You may want to wear dark clothing instead of camo in the blind, because you’ll blend better into the inside of the blind. Curtains and window panels can conceal some of the movement inside the blind.

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