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Dog Kennels For Sale in Virginia

Dog Kennels For Sale in VirginiaYou haven’t seen every dog kennel until you have seen one built by Amish by Design. Looking more like mini-houses than simply a place to place your dog outdoors, we offer customers many options when creating their customized dog kennel. For example, you can select a chained-in porch or a flap that allows your dog to enter and exit as desired. You can choose from among numerous style options as well. At Amish by Design, we understand that your dog is part of the family. The kennel you choose for him demonstrates your love and concern.

Benefits of Providing an Outdoor Kennel for Your Dog

If you need to be gone at work all day, placing your dog in one of our customized kennels provides her with greater stimulation than if she had to remain in the house. It also ensures that you won’t come home to a mess because she couldn’t hold her bladder or bowels all day long. Our dog kennels have plenty of windows for your beloved pooch to look out as well as a flap door or fence to escape rain, high winds, or other weather conditions that may arise in your absence. Being outdoors gives your dog access to fresh air that she wouldn’t get staying inside.

A dog kennel is also an excellent investment for those times when your dog is underfoot, and you need to temporarily relocate him. For example, perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor party and your dog is going around giving every guest sad eyes in hopes of scoring a forbidden treat. Maybe you’re trying to cook dinner and your dog keeps walking between your legs. There is nothing wrong with needing your dog out of the way for a brief time. The good news is that having a high-quality kennel right in your backyard or on your farm could be the ideal solution. It also provides your dog with much-needed variety in his daily routine.

Factors to Consider When Creating Your Customized Dog Kennel

Before you hire Amish by Design to build your kennel, it’s a good idea to know where in your yard you would like to place it since this can determine the final size. Here are some other things we recommend thinking about before we start the design work:

  • Select an area that doesn’t receive excessive sun exposure to avoid the risk of heatstroke and skin cancer. Unlike people who can release excess body heat by sweating, dogs release it through their paw pads and by panting and are at higher risk of heat-related illnesses. This is especially important if you plan to leave your dog in an outdoor kennel while you’re gone for eight or more hours at work. It’s also important to consider whether the area where you want to place the kennel typically receives heavy winds. If so, it could potentially blow the kennel over as well as make your dog uncomfortable.
  • Consider choosing an area on your property to place the kennel that gives your dog easy access to the house if she wants to come inside.
  • Ensure that there’s no debris near the intended location of the kennel that could harm your dog, such as fallen tree branches from a storm.
  • Choose a flat surface to install the dog kennel if possible. Not only will it be much easier to do, it will make spending time in the kennel more comfortable for your dog as well.

The wood you choose for your kennel helps determine how well it will hold up to the elements before it starts showing signs of wear. At Amish by Design, we select only pressure-treated wood for our customized projects. This is the best way to ensure that the wood can deflect moisture that could cause mold and rotting as well as possible damage from insects and rodents. You always have your choice of paint colors and brands to make the wood look more attractive.

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This is a lot to consider, but we are happy to sit down with you to learn more about your requirements for a customized dog kennel. You may also request a quote for your project by contacting the Amish by Design location nearest you.

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